Picots Farm

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Welcome to Picots Farm  -  We are opening this cycle as we have finished an animal of irrigated pasture - all chemical free.  Our supply is intermittent.. but August and November we will have more beef.  

No Paleo beef sausages this month.

We have started improving our fences, and water distribution- so when we do grow some grass we will be able to have the stock density we need to cycle the carbon and improve our biology in the soil. Please stay in touch and we watch out for our posts on Facebook as we develop Picots Farm. 

Rolled Rib Roast                                                            $22/kg 
Topside Roast                                                                $20/kg
Nitrate Free Herb Brine Silverside                            $22/kg
Beef Ribs                                                                         $20/kg
Brisket                                                                             $20/kg
Osso Bucco(Winter months)                                       $18/kg
BBQ Steak- stirfry's,stroganoff OR schnitzel             $20/kg
Rump Steak                                                                    $26/kg
Porterhouse Steak                                                        $30/kg
Rib Fillet Steak                                                               $40/kg
Eye Fillet Steak                                                               $45/kg
Beef Mince- 1kg                                                             $18/kg
Diced Beef-1kg                                                               $ 18/kg
Sausages- 1kg (garlic, sage, oregano and turmeric)$18/kg
Preservative and Gluten Free                                                                      Paleo Sausages- same as above with Tapioca Flour$18/kg                     


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