Picots Farm

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Welcome to Picots Farm  ONLINE  FARM STALL
ur family farm is 25 minutes west of Warwick, Qld. Picots Farm is 1000 acres  and our Brangus Beef is born and bred on our farm and is 100% natural, grass fed and finished,  Our beef is aged for 20 days and is FREE of chemicals or grain. 

Rolled Rib Roast                                                            $22/kg 
Topside Roast                                                                $20/kg
Nitrate Free Herb Brine Silverside                            $22/kg
Beef Ribs                                                                         $20/kg
Brisket                                                                             $20/kg
Osso Bucco(Winter months)                                       $18/kg
BBQ Steak- stirfry's,stroganoff OR schnitzel             $20/kg
Rump Steak                                                                    $26/kg
Porterhouse Steak                                                        $30/kg
Rib Fillet Steak                                                               $40/kg
Eye Fillet Steak                                                               $45/kg
Beef Mince- 1kg                                                             $18/kg
Diced Beef-1kg                                                               $ 18/kg
Sausages- 1kg (garlic, sage, oregano and turmeric)$18/kg
Preservative and Gluten Free                                                                       Paleo Sausages- same as above with Tapioca Flour$18/kg           NEW Sausages-                                                                                              Tomato and Oregano &  Rosemary and Garlic-        $18/kg                    all made with Rice flour, Salt, pepper and Beef- free of preservatives & gluten.                                                                                       

AT COBB & CO - 15TH SEPTEMBER, 6TH OCTOBER, 20TH OCTOBER    Deliveries:  Warwick- pre-ordered delivered weekly to Nutritional Health & Wealth  anytime                                                   Toowoomba-  Weekly at My Local Feast Saturday Cobb & Co Market- 7am-12noon- Order & Collect  from Picots Farm or Gleneden Farm - we sell each others products.

Brisbane:  Monthly - next one MONDAY 17TH SEPT/ -- Mid week can be arranged. Bulimba, South Brisbane/ Hendra/ Ashgrove/Paddington/ Jindalee.
FARM NEWS- RAIN GLORIOUS RAIN- 40MM IN THE LAST  2 WEEKS, so we have a green tinge, and the grass is growing. We have 9 calves out of our expected 14, all very cute and being well looked after by their mothers.  Our apologies for the website issues- we have had over the last  3 mths, finally our site is back up and working. 

CSIRO is working on our nutrient integrity project- the results will be interesting although it will take a while. 

Visit our webpage- www.picotsfarm.com.au  AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER- LIKE US ON FACEBOOK